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Proactive Security Intelligence

"Firewalls don't fail, management does"

How can you continuously analyze, visualize, and improve your existing network security infrastructure and firewall management?

- Better Security Through MoreEffective Firewall Management
- FireMon solutions allow you to monitor and assess your network security, giving you continuous visibility into and control over firewall infrastructure, network security policies and underlying IT risks.

Firewall Policy Management
Get a single, detailed view of every security device on the network to help you identify gaps and redundancies in firewall policy

Network Compliance & Audit
Validate that firewall configurations meet all compliance requirements and get alerts when a violation occurs.

firewall Change Management
Learn the full implications of every policy change prior to implementation to prevent disruptions in service and security.

Network Risk Analysis
Gain detailed visibility into access controls to identify potential areas of risk in your network before they are compromised.


Real-Time Security Policy Change Management
Change is constant – especially in the realm of network access and protection, where emerging business requirements
demand continual adjustment of defenses. FireMon allows organizations to analyze, map and carry out configuration  changes with full visibility into resulting conditions.
















Further, by logging all changes to security infrastructure on a continuous basis and automatically alerting any staff responsible for affected devices, assets or policies, Security Manager creates a full end-to-end closed loop lifecycle process that drives down exposure over time and allows for constant refinement of IT risk management.

Cleanup Policies To Reduce Risk, Errors, Complexity & Unnecessary Access
Firewall policies almost always grow in size and complexity over time, as change takes its toll on the existing rule base and unseen exposures emerge with the loss of visibility and control. Even when organizations remain dedicated to staying abreast of change, unseen issues and minor oversights can result in perilous conditions.















Top 5 Reasons to Buy FireMon Security Manager

1. Better Security
Our networks are designed to reduce our risks and protect our critical assets. However, managing and understanding large, complex networks presents a number of challenges. With FireMon, you can find the risk, the open paths to vulnerable systems, measure the impact and reduce your exposure.


2. Improved Operations
Managing change in a complex environment is a challenge that can have negative outcomes. Outages, performance impacts and business delays can cost your company significantly. Good management of the security devices on your network is available. Monitoring, analysis and automation of network changes can reduce or eliminate those operational challenges.


3. Migration, Upgrade or New Deployment
Architecture or vendor changes present a number of problems for network security teams. Migrating or upgrading legacy devices can create nightmares if not done correctly. Good management can facilitate the transition, eliminating mistakes and reducing the time necessary. New security deployments can be accomplished with traffic access analysis, automating tedious manual work and ensuring appropriate access.


4. Audit Preparation or Recovery
Firewall and security audits can be time consuming and costly. Drastically reduce your costs by cleaning up configurations prior to audit, using prebuilt analysis for regulatory and best practice guidelines for automated checking prior to audit, and operationalizing good management practices to eliminate last minute fire drills.


5. Low Cost, High Value
FireMon Security Manager installs easily and provides value on the first day you own it. Within minutes of installing the
system you are receiving reports on the changes to your infrastructure. Finding all the hidden rules on your firewalls takes just seconds. Your risk becomes immediately apparent through the map of the security zones and access analysis. With
Security Manager, security management becomes powerful, robust and intuitive.


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