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Bradford Networks-Next Generation NAC

Bradford Networks is the leading provider of rapid threat response
solutions that minimize the risk and impact of cyber threats.

Network Access Control
A network is only as secure as the devices that are connected. As the number of devices on a wired and wireless network continues to grow with initiatives such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), so does the network attack surface for cyber criminals.

Rapid Threat Response
Over the past few years, the security industry has made significant investments and improvements in cyber threat detection,
but containment – time from threat detection to remediation - is still a very manual, costly, and drawn-out process.

Secure BYOD
According to a recent SAN Mobility/BYOD Security Survey, over 60% of organizations are embracing some form of BYOD but only 9% of organizations are confident they know the devices on their network. There is therefore is a gap than needs to be addressed to enable a secure BYOD strategy.

Regulatory Compliance
Knowing what’s connecting to your network is fundamental to regulatory compliance as well as security best practices..
Network Sentry/NAC provides real-time visibility and automated control over every attempted connection to your network.

Guest Management
In today’s open and collaborative work environments, visitors, guests, contractors, business partners and other non-employee staff expect on-demand connectivity to your network. However given the sheer number of wireless devices it is critical to ensure a simple on boarding experience for users, while minimizing the management burden on IT staff.
Network Sentry/NAC provides an efficient, scalable, and secure approach to managing guests and registering mobile devices.

Endpoint Compliance
Network Sentry/NAC assesses key attributes of a device, before it is allowed to connect to the network, thereby minimizing vulnerabilities and overall risk.

Network Analytics
Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry/NAC captures details about every connection to a network.

802.1x Onboarding
Certificate-based network access ensures safe, encrypted wireless access but it requires compliant network equipment and the proper configuration for mobile devices. Readying a mobile device for 802.1x compliance is often a guessing game for even the most sophisticated end user.

Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry/NAC, with its deep integration with wireless infrastructures, intuitive workflows, and setup wizards, automates the process of onboarding devices to 802.1x ready networks.

Network Edge Visibility
Network Sentry/NAC can establish edge visibility across up to 20,000 concurrent devices on local or remote network segments, using a single appliance which can be configured and deployed in a matter of hours.
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