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Industrial - Networking

ORing Industrial Networking Corp.

the global leading brand company, established in 2005 and focuses on innovation of Industrial networking products. Within these years ORing, a group of well-experienced industrial-networking software and hardware engineers, has developed a lot of product lines, such as industrial grade media converter, Ethernet switch, wireless router and device server.


Global specific compliance certification ensures our stable product quality, for example EN 50155 for railway application or E-mark for bus application.


Our numerous products have been successfully applied and are generating a lot of real application through the world, such as Railway/Highway monitoring, Intelligent Transportation System, Building Automation and etc.


ORing is committed to provide world-class product, strong technical support team for technical consulting and best after-sale service.













Vertical Market
















Product Center

Industrial Solution - Railway 
Industrial Ethernet Switch (Trackside & Station)
Industrial EN50155 Ethernet Switch
Industrial EN50155 PoE Ethernet Switch
Industrial EN50155 Wireless Access Point
Industrial EN50155 Wireless Cellular VPN Router


Industrial Solution - PoE
Industrial Rack-Mount Gigabit PoE Ethernet Switch
Industrial DIN-Rail Gigabit PoE Ethernet Switch
Industrial DIN-Rail Fast PoE Ethernet Switch
Industrial PoE Ethernet Accessories
Industrial EN50155 PoE Ethernet Switch
Industrial DIN-Rail PoE Media Converter


Industrial Solution - Wireless
Wireless Access Point
Wireless IP-67 Access Point
Wireless Device Server
Wireless Router


Industrial Ethernet Switch
Industrial Rack-Mount Ethernet Switch
Industrial DIN-Rail Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Industrial DIN-Rail Fast Ethernet Switch
Industrial PoE Ethernet Switch & Accessories
Industrial IP-67 & Card-Type Fast Ethernet Switch
Industrial EN50155 Ethernet Switch
Industrial Optical Fiber Bypass Switch


Industrial Media Converter
Industrial Rack-Mount Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
Industrial DIN-Rail Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
Industrial PoE Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
Industrial USB to Serial Media Converter
Industrial Serial to Serial Media Converter


Industrial Device Server
Industrial DIN-Rail Device Server
Industrial DIN-Rail WLAN Device Server


Industrial Wireless Access Point
Industrial DIN-Rail WLAN Access Point
Industrial IP-67 WLAN Access Point
Industrial EN50155 WLAN Access Point


Industrial Cellular VPN Router
Industrial DIN-Rail 3.5G Cellular VPN Router
Industrial DIN-Rail 3.5G WLAN Cellular VPN Router
Industrial DIN-Rail 4G LTE Cellular VPN Router 
Industrial EN50155 3.5G WLAN Cellular VPN Router


Management Software & Accessories
Fiber Optical/ M-Series Cable 
RF Accessories/ Antenna 
Optical / PoE Network Accessories/ Power Supply


Industrial M2M Gateway 
Industrial DIN-Rail M2M Gateway
Industrial EN50155 M2M Gateway



IP Surveillance

Surveillance systems are essential visual supervision tools for maximum safety, efficiency, and productivity of our society. With the maturation of digital video and IP networking technologies, there is a mass movement of IP surveillance systems replacing traditional analog CCTV surveillance systems, as this movement is further accelerated by the recent advent of high definition digital video cameras.


When compared to traditional analog CCTV surveillance systems, digital video IP surveillance systems offer better image quality without any worry of generational degradations, plus the unprecedented freedom and efficiency in viewing, transmission, and storage of surveillance video information.


While there are many advantages of digital video IP surveillance systems as mentioned above, there are technical issues or drawbacks that must be overcome to fully utilize the advantages of digital video IP surveillance systems:

1. Video privacy and security
2. Network stability
3. Network bandwidth and congestion (especially for HD video surveillance systems)
4. Network management
5. Power consumption and management


ORing Industrial Networking Corporation has the best industrial-grade IP surveillance networking product solutions to offer, as ORing products are designed to ensure secure, swift, and uninterrupted transmission of video surveillance network traffic, effectively solving all 5 key problems of IP-based video surveillance as mentioned above.


1. Video privacy and security: ORing’s Device Binding technology effectively allows only network traffic from the designated video surveillance device to go through a specific network port, plus active mechanisms to guard against hacker attacks (DDoS Auto Prevention) and maintain health of the video surveillance device (alive checking and streaming checking). Further, all of ORing’s wireless access points and routers are fully encrypted (SSL VPN, IPSec VPN, SSL Data Encryption) with comprehensive authentication options for fully private and secure networking experience even in the wireless domain.


2. Network stability: ORing has plenty of advanced network redundancy technologies to offer. The O-Chain technology provides add-on swift network redundancy topology with multi-vendor compatibility. For the core network ring topology, the O-Ring technology provides swift network redundancy protection, while the Open Ring technology guarantees compatibility with other vendors’ network devices . Many ORing products furthermore have hardware network bypass features, as well as redundant power inputs, to make sure that the critical surveillance video traffic stays uninterrupted.


3. Network bandwidth and congestion: with massive deployment of IP cameras, network congestion may occur with limited bandwidth. We proudly announce that ORing has the most complete line of full-Gigabit industrial-networking products to offer -- fully prepared to handle massive high-definition IP surveillance traffic in the future.


4. Network management: as the number of IP surveillance devices grows large, their maintenance can be a major headache. Fortunately, ORing has the solution to alleviate such headache -- Open-Vision, the powerful network management software utility suite offering advantages of visualized management (with Google Map feature!), centralized management, complete monitor, and early warning.


5. Power consumption and management: for maximum wiring efficiency and minimal wiring costs, many PoE IP surveillance devices are being used worldwide. However, as these devices become more advanced, they also have become more power-hungry. We are pleased to announce that many ORing PoE+ (P.S.E.) products support the latest IEEE802.3at standard, supplying up to 30W per PoE+ Ethernet port, which is about twice as much as that of the older PoE standard (IEEE802.3af, supplying only up to 15W per port). Further, ORing PoE and PoE+ products feature green power scheduling technology to supply electricity only when needed, plus the alive-checking feature to automatically reboot the PoE or PoE+ device upon encountering abnormal responses. Furthermore, ORing has the Power Boost technology to provide PoE/PoE+ power at 50VDC even with non-50VDC power sources.


Overall, ORing products are the best solutions for IP surveillance networking systems. ORing industrial-grade networking products range from Gigabit Ethernet switches, PoE+ high power PoE switch, Railway Rolling Stock EN50155 Transporter Series, 802.11 a/b/g/n (IP-67) wireless Access Point, Cellular VPN router, and media converter for various IP surveillance applications.

ORing Industrial Networking Corp.
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