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DigitalPersona Composite Authentication meets a wide range of use cases for enterprise authentication. Here are just a few examples of how organizations are moving beyond two-factor and multifactor authentication:
Windows Logon

With Microsoft Windows still a prime target for hackers, DigitalPersona offers unparalleled protection for logging into Windows desktops and servers.


The VPN is still a foundational access technology, and DigitalPersona can strengthen access and provide an array of convenient authentication methods for users.

Single Sign-On/Federation

SSO provides convenient access, but just having SSO isn’t enough. DigitalPersona provides SSO SAML and federation to your common applications and then intelligently delivers the right authentication for the specific scenario every time.

Build Your Own Authentication

Integrate authentication into your existing applications using our DigitalPersona Access Management API.

Cloud and Mobile Applications

Moving to the cloud? Have mobile applications? DigitalPersona covers your cloud and mobile applications and can help secure your most sensitive applications while empowering your organization to embrace new platforms and technologies.


Solutions for law enforcement to meet your CJIS needs; a Temenos banking platform that delivers biometric authentication; and a federal government solution to help manage PIV and CAC cards are also supported.

ID Management
  • ArcID
  • Enrollment Booking
  • Store & Forward
  • Mobile
  • Single Finger Authentication
  • L Scan Master
Finger Print Readers
Finger Print Module
Mobile Portable


Multi Factor Authentication

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