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Data Center Assessment

MPL Technology Group is a World-class company providing real-time environmental monitoring solutionsfor data centres and critical facilities.


MPL technology enables accurate measurement and management of powerand cooling for IT equipment racks and cabinets, enabling customers in the Financial Services sector to better control facility energy consumption, whilst reducing carbon emissions and risk of downtime.



MPL can provide a range of PDU’s which can suit any clients demands. MPL currently provide 0U, 1U and 2U variants of PDU with various socket types – such as C13, C19 and UK13A. They can also be produced with the capability to individually monitor each socket on the PDU, or monitor the overall load of the PDU.

• 3Phase Delta
• 3Phase Star
• IntelliCompak
• IntelliStrip


In-Line Monitoring
 MPL can provide a range of Inline monitors which will support 3Phase and Single Phase applications, up to a total of 63A. The MPL range of monitors are ideal as a retrofit solution to provide power and environmental monitoring within existing datacentre cabinets, or also suit new datacentre builds.

• 3Phase Monitor
• SinglePhase Monitor


 MPL currently supply Temperature and Humidity sensors which work with their range of PDU’s. Each PDU currently has the option to deploy atleast 1 Temperature and Humidity sensor using an RJ45 connection.


Wire-Free Sensor 
MPL has introduced a Wire-Free range of products to meet a constant challenge in managing the Data Centre environment. With a demand to increase CRAC set points globally and the rise in power and cooling requirements, MPL have recognized the need to have a flexible solution to manage both legacy and new Data Centre infrastructure. 


- Monitor all your critical areas; racks, cold aisles, hot aisles, CRAC supply and CRAC returns. Mount and position to any rack in minutes and management with intuitive easy to use NGEN software.


- Each sensor forms part of a flexible Wire-Free mesh network reporting data in real-time.Allowing monitoring, alerting and granular reports both for individual and group of sensors utilizing the NGEN Software Framework.


- The Gateway facilitates a resilient auto-organising mesh network that can connect up to x3 Relay Sensors and up to x60 Edge Sensors, meaning x63 T&H sensors can be connected to x1 Gateway.

- The Relay Sensor is a highly accurate mobile Temperature & Humidity sensor whick also routes data from connected sensors to the Gateway.
The Relay Sensor also allows to amplify and extended the range of the of the network, which means that more sensors and farther sensor can be connected to the same Gateway.

- The Edge Sensor is a highly accurate mobile Temperature & Humidity sensor, which sends data to the Gateway through a Relay Sensor.


MPL provides Real time Software and Specialist Reporting solutions to improve Data Center Optimization, and increase Operational Safety and Energy Efficiency.
“Real-time monitoring enables our clients to identify critical situations before they take control of the Date Centre.”

All solutions are designed with the objective of providing Real Time Monitoring of the main parameters of data centers, so that this information will help identify critical situations before they manifest in the devices and thus allow, actions to avoid falls teams.


This technology allows you to control the development, distribution and dissipation of Temperature, Humidity and Energy. That is why it is a good solution both for today and for future growth.


What is N-GEN?

- Intelligent Monitoring
- Live Data Visualisations
- Real Time Capacity Management
- Exportable Dynamic Reports
- Smart Alerts
- Historical Data Analysis

N-Gen provides a detailed yet intuitive interface, rich visualizations and easy access to data in real-time.


User Managed Dashboards.
N-Gen is delivered as a multi-user, mobile compatible, secure role based access web system which combines individual preference and access level so that each user has their own unique dynamic dashboard.


Massive efficiency
With massive efficiency gains in day-to-day management, reduced down-time and strategic forecasting, NGEN facilitates a new data centre management approach with refined accuracy.

AirLab Services
The main concern in a data centre is the IT equipment health and for this reason, this method has been developed in order to improve power efficiency by improving the IT equipment health. The domino effect is produced when better management of the open surfaces in the raised floor and racks have a positive effect on the IT equipment health, which subsequently provides opportunities to improve power efficiency improvements.


The Process:
The process was developed taking into account the three fundamental factors of simplicity, time and investment.

Simplicity is the driving force behind the process, which enables the time required from data collection to when the solutions are put into practice to be as short as 48 hours. 


However, simplicity is shown in that the type of solutions to be applied are the most basic on the complexity scale, attempting to make the solutions comply with the lowest possible investment.

First Visit and First Report
First Visit
During the first visit, temperature readings are taken and also aperture management at raised floor and rack levels. To this end, data is taken on Hotspots, Coldspots, Esd, Deltat T, Bypass Airflow and Recirculation, amongst others.


First Report
Under normal conditions, the first report is issued 24 hours after the visit, which means that the results correspond to the actual room conditions. The first report details the number of Hotspots, Coldspots and Esd under a full study of temperatures shown in Delta application that reveals the uniformity of room temperatures. 


The first report also presents the Bypass Airflow and Recirculation percentages, or in other words, the efficiency status with respect to air flow.


Lastly, the first report provides a list of products that must be installed in order to reduce the Bypass Airflow

Delivering And Installing Products 
Delivering Product
Product delivery time is subject to the actual room condition, but under normal conditions, products are delivered within 48 hours of the end of the first visit.
The speed with which products are made available enables solutions to be applied in record times with respect to the start of the project.


Installing Products
The first issued report provides information relating to product installation. In this way, it suggests the order in which the solutions should be applied, together with the safety measures to be adopted.

The types of products to install will vary from one room to another, but the products always form part of a batch of already established products that were previously defined by both parties.

Second Visit And Second Report 
Second Visit
After product installation and the application of the proposed solutions, a second visit enables the room status to be established with respect to IT equipment health and with respect to air flow management.

For this reason, it is verified to establish by how much the Hotspots,
Coldspots, Esd, Bypass Airflow and Recirculation have been reduced or eliminated.


Second Report
Under normal conditions, the second report is issued 24 hours after the visit, which means that the results correspond to the actual room conditions.

The main goal of the second report is to establish how the air flow management improvement (Bypass Airflow & Recirculation) has managed to reduce the equipment inlet temperatures and make them more uniform.

This result can be quite clearly seen by a full study of the Temperature Deltas in the room that show the improvement with respect to IT equipment health as well as with respect to air flow management.

Finally, the second report provides information on CRAC unit adjustments, together with steps to take in the future.

Air Flow Products
- Grommets-Cable Cut Outs       - Blanking Panels
- Containments                           - Grilles
- Expandable Tape

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