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Professional Services &

Customized Solutions

CES offers a range of professional services to enable our clients to improve their security posture or meet compliance with various security standards.

Moreover, we help customers manage and operate their information security solutions whenever they feel the shortage in necessary resources.


  • Perform Security Assessment and Security consultancy

  • Perform Vulnerability scanning and reporting

  • Building Security Operation Centers.

  • Implementing and optimizing  SIEM Solutions

  • Perform Integrations with third-party solutions

  • Firewall rules review and Technical Controls recommendations

  • Incident Response.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Integrations

  • Building Customized Parsers/Connectors

  • Implementing Biometric Solutions and perform customized Integrations

  • Cloud Security.

Custom Solutions:

CES can design and deliver very specialized solutions such as:

Wireless Communication Auto-Aiming and Tracking

Tactical VOIP network

On-Premise distributed Secured mobile communication

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