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Why You Need Mobile Security

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​Whenever your agency needs a military grade security solution for your communications, you must factor in the following:

  • Attack Vectors:

    • Local attacks – IMSI Catchers / Stingrays, Wifi and Bluetooth attack

    • Mass surveillance attacks - State sponsored -‘The great SIM Card Heist’ as an example

    • Mass surveillance attacks - Signalling System 7 (SS7) flaw affecting especially traveling personnel

    • Targeted Malware, through many methods of payload delivery

    • Physical attack

  • User Experience: the user's experience remains important because complexity can deter users from utilizing their secured phones and rely on unsanctioned or "rogue" devices exposing their organization to great threats.

  • Cost Effectiveness: overly expensive systems cause organizations to distribute secured phones to "the most important" personnel. this policy might secure the lateral communication between high ranked or critical staff members but leaves serious gaps in the organization's security posture and leaves vertical communication along the organization's hierarchy exposed for targeted attacks.​

The Armour Solution

Secure Voice –An easy-to-use, downloadable software application which is interoperable across everyday smartphones and tablets, for mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-landline communications and conferencing.

Secure Messaging – Share critical information with trusted contacts. With added benefits such as visibility of available online contacts, message threads, delivery and read indication, forwarding messages to multiple recipient in your Contacts list, sending secure messages couldn’t be easier

Secure Video – Secure Full Motion Video (FMV) and video conferencing allows crucial information to be shared in time-critical situations, allowing decision makers to respond quickly and efficiently.

Secure Conferencing – Easily set up video or audio conferencing on the fly, for multi-user communication. Set up multiple Conference Rooms for weekly meeting and save the log in credentials

Secure File Attachments – Attach images, files and voice memos in our messaging service. A quick and easy method to securely send files from your smartphone or tablet.

Secure Group Messaging– Allows exchange of messages, files etc. within a group. Ideal for convenient notification of conference calls and also allows concurrent messaging during conference calls, or Message Forwarding to broadcast to a large group. 

Message Burn – Set how long a message will remain on a recipients device before ‘burning’ (deleting). Set ‘permessage’ or for ALL messages to a particular Contact recipient

Private Communities – Allows customers to set up cryptographically segregated communities in the Armour Cloud, or separate internal user groups for ‘On-Premises’ installations


  • CESG/NCSC CPA ‘Official’ for iOS

  • CESG/NCSC CPA ‘Official’ for Android

  • All Armour Mobile versions have ‘FIPS 140-2 inside’

  • NATO IA Catalogue – NATO ‘Restricted’

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