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Cloud App Access Security 

Netskope enables you to find, understand, and secure cloud apps in real-time and across any app. Our granular policies let you shape activities, not block apps. That’s how cloud security solutions should work.


Understand and secure any cloud app.
The Netskope Active Platform take cloud app analytics to new level and shows you details about how all cloud apps are being used, not just the ones you sanction. Find out specifics like “Who is sharing content outside of the company from any cloud storage app?” and enforce granular policies like “Don’t let anybody upload PCI to any finance cloud app except for our sanctioned one.”

Drill into the details
Use the Netskope Active Platform to drill into and pivot around activity- and data-level details in your cloud apps, including users, apps, app categories, devices, activities, and content.


Audit cloud activity The Netskope Active Platform Provides rich analytics across any app. Create an audit trail in a few clicks to see that “Mary, a departing employee,  downloaded proprietary contracts from our sanctioned cloud storage app, uploaded them to her personal one, and shared them with our competitor.”

Enforce Granular Policies
Rather than block apps, use the Netskope Active Platform to shape usage at the activity- or data-level. For example, block PHI uploads to CRM apps or alert on shares outside of the company from storage apps.


Detect cloud anomalies
Use the Netskope Active Platform to detect anomalies that can indicate compromised credentials, out-of-compliance behaviors, and even malware.


Control Access to Cloud Apps
The Netskope Active Platform provides tight integration with a variety of single sign-on (SSO) vendors to enable you to manage your cloud apps in a closed-loop manner, bringing all of your cloud apps into your identity management fold, while ensuring consistent cloud app security and compliance.


Prevent data loss
The Netskope Active Platform supports more than 3,000 data identifiers and 500 file types, custom regular expressions, proximity analysis, international support using double-byte characters, fingerprinting, and exact match to protect and prevent loss of PII, PCI, PHI, source code, and other sensitive content.

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